Renner Realty - Wasted my time and money

Greenville, South Carolina 0 comments

I am very disgusted with Roger Kennard and Renner Realty (Bruce Renner).We had a contract on a home and was about to have the appraisal done and then we would close in 2 1/2 weeks.

Well it turned out all my time and money was wasted because the seller owed more on the house than he agreed to sell it to us for. He couldnt sell us the house in the first place and the realtors listing it should have known and they should have compensated me for my gas, inspections and time off work. Of course the Realtors said its not there fault. Appearantly they dont know how to do business in real estate.

Maybe they should become politicians instead.I wouldnt even recomend them to a person I didnt even like.

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